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Cross-curricular Lesson Plan | Grade 1

This is a cross-curricular or integrated lesson plan for Grade 1. This lesson plan covers Languages (English & Hindi), Math, Science & Art. Reference: NCERT – Class 1: English Unit 3 NCERT – Class 1: Math Unit 5 NCERT – Class 1: Hindi Unit 15 Lesson Plan: Preparation before class: (more…)


MI Monday | Objectives, not Textbooks

Welcome to MI Monday I Week 6 ‘Begin with the end in mind’ is one of the seven habits of highly effective people as suggested by Stephen R. Covey, writer of the famous book ‘ Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’. For teachers, this habit translates into teaching in their (more…)


Guide | 6 Steps to a Flipped Classroom

In the last couple of weeks, we have posted a few lesson plans that relate to the Flipped Classroom. If you are completely new to the concept of a flipped classroom, you might want to start by having a look at this infographic, which we think, is a very fine and (more…)


Video | Surface Area of a Cylinder

The interesting thing about Math is that it’s a subject that allows you to easily build on prior knowledge, which is core to the constructivist methodology. In this resource guide, we look at a video resource that uses the constructivist methodology to teach the formula for calculating the surface area (more…)


Lesson Plan | French Revolution

We have created a role-play lesson plan to help students understand the concept of freedom and the reason for the French Revolution. The lesson plan takes students back in time, to the year 1989, where they are members of an estate and live under the rule of King Louis XVI. We (more…)


Lesson Plan | Insect Study

The Insects Study Unit can be used to introduce insects to preschoolers. The unit has six cross curricular hands-on activities that teach science, math, art and music, and are based around the fun theme of insects. This FREE lesson plan also includes printable sheets that are required to perform activities. The six activities (more…)


Dreaming Blended…

Guest post by Archana Shyam. * How many times have we, as students wished that teachers would approach that math problem a little slowly, wished they would not rush reinforcing yesterday’s concept in today’s class. Perhaps be able to teach you that chemistry equation again because you missed school that (more…)