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Learn | Open Knowledge: Changing the Global Course of Learning | Stanford Online

Stanford Online has recently launched a new course that relates to Open Knowledge. We have been observing a steady trend towards the use of open resources in learning (much like this site, which offers quite a lot of useful resources openly). Yet there are many questions about what exactly open means. (more…)


Link | Ten useful reports on MOOCs and online education

Here’s a list of ten reports and papers related to MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) and online learning. This digest of reports and papers published over the past year is provided to support the ongoing debate on MOOCs, Open Educational Resources and online education. A brief summary of the contents, (more…)


Discussion | Future of Online Learning

This promises to be a “never-ending” debate; or perhaps it will end when education around the world embraces technology? Are there merits to this argument versus the need for supervised learning; even if there is use of technology in the classroom or outside. “Children in nurseries will soon be learning (more…)


Courses | MOOC: Personalizing Education for Students

Coursera is launching a new course on Blended Learning, starting October 15. This (free) course is six-weeks long and requires just 2 – 4hrs of your time per week. We think this will be a useful course for all teachers, especially those who are looking to find the right balance (more…)