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A Sad, Sad, Sad Day

As and when possible, our team tries to help teachers build a better classroom. We offer ideas for teachers about how they may make their classrooms interesting, even when they don’t have access to basic technology. On this day, I wonder what we can offer, that would make sense, when (more…)


MI Monday | Learning Phonics on Mobile Phones

Welcome to MI Monday I Week-4 In last three weeks, we shared a ‘bundle’ of micro-innovations for ‘creative classroom’ teaching which can help children to stay motivated and be more engaged in learning. This week we share with you another creative micro-innovation to help children learn phonics on mobile phones. (more…)


MI Monday | Learning Poetry with Bollywood Songs

Welcome to MI Monday – Week 2 micro-innovation. Last Monday, we shared an interesting micro-innovation to engage children in learning maths in a fun way! This Monday, we share a micro-innovation by a teacher who uses Bollywood (name of Indian Film Industry) songs to help children learn poetry. Poetry plays an (more…)


NewsLink | ICT Curriculum for Schools

More moves introduced in education to bring in ICT to the fore. Today’s Hindustan Times – Mumbai, edition carries this news item (Page 4) about the launch of the new ICT curriculum to be used in schools. While we haven’t analysed the curriculum in detail, we suspect that the focus (more…)