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Article | Social Media & Teachers

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article in dna India, about the imperative for teachers to use social media. The days of traditional centralised curriculum sent down for relay, by teachers, have long outlived their time. Students have more options, perhaps more interesting options to consume, than the (more…)


Research | The Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing

Useful research for those who are looking into the issue of using digital technology in writing, by Pew Internet, a project of the Pew Research Center. Some 78% of the 2,462 advanced placement (AP) and National Writing Project (NWP) teachers surveyed by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life (more…)


Article | Facebook Guide for Teachers

Facebook has, for long been seen as a disruptive tool, especially when it comes to education and learning. What cannot be ignored however is its attractiveness, especially with young adults. With the accessibility to mobile devices, it’s easier now for users to share and consume information. Is it time for (more…)