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10 Lessons For The Digital Teacher | TeachThought

We have always told teachers about #8. We think that PLNs for teachers are important. If you’re a teacher, and you’re in any way digital (and you presumably are if you’re reading this), there are some strategies you might consider to lubricate the interaction between the two. And that’s where Lessons (more…)


MI Monday | Encouraging Student success with Smiley Cards

Welcome to MI Monday I Week 7 Encouraging students is ‘praise for effort’ – for example, you worked really hard for your maths examinations. It can help them continue to work hard in future, and is particularly important for children who are less confident, and lack parental guidance for their studies. Encouragement (more…)


Article | Getting Students Hooked on Lessons

Students need to be interested in a lesson. They need to buy in, to find a reason to pay attention and to participate. For some, the thrill of learning something new is its own reward. But sadly, for many others, the intrinsic value of learning eludes them. As teachers, we (more…)