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Article | What Lies Beneath

Along comes a very heartwarming story about a classroom strategy employed by a teacher. The story is told by a mother and  is in context the most tragic event that occurred in a school, in 1999. It’s a worthwhile read and gives an insight into what teachers are really about (more…)


Article | Are You Being Fair?

An interesting article for teachers. Perhaps this weekend could be a good time to reflect on fairness – do we always know if we are being fair in class? Babad, who in the late 80s studied the teacher’s pet phenomenon, says problems arise in the classroom when educators’ non-verbal behaviors, (more…)


Classroom Activity | Travel Ideas

Studying another country? Why not challenge the students to create a virtual trip to that country? Start with each student creating a suitcase using a small box that could be decorated with pictures of places and symbols of the destination country. After that, the travel bag would have to contain (more…)


The Lighter Side | 33 Signs You’re A New Teacher

This one’s not just for new teachers, but also for those who have been teaching for a while – perhaps you will remember things like these from when you started? Have fun! 33 Signs You’re A New Teacher. (more…)


Article | Inquiry – A Learning Process

Research projects – we’ve all assigned them. They can vary from a read and report biography of a famous person to an in-depth science project. Each is valid and has its place in the education of our students. But, do our projects really engage our students? Do these assignments challenge (more…)


MI Monday | Maths in the Community

Welcome to MI Monday I Week 7 The idea of teaching mathematics is to develop concept building, problem solving, reasoning and connection making abilities in children to use it in real-world situations. However, most of the time, the curriculum or concepts in mathematics are not connect to the experience of (more…)


Opinion Poll | Use of Mobile Devices in Classrooms

This week we have focused on the use of mobile devices in the classroom, starting with our MI Monday post. We’d like to know a little more about your opinion on the use of mobile devices in the classroom and invite you to take this poll. Results are open, so (more…)


Research | Classifying K-12 Blended Learning

An interesting white paper on classifying the four models of blended learning. The full white paper is available for download from the link below. You may also be interested in As blended learning continues to expand across the K-12 sector, definitions are important to help people talk about the new (more…)


Report | Blended Learning: Current Use, Challenges and Best Practice

Recently, we informed you about a MOOC for blended learning. If you have already been using blended learning in some form, or are curious about how it is being implemented, this report will be useful. There’s currently a lot of hype around the topic, but what is the reality? How (more…)