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Blinkist: 15min Book Insights


What is a Blinkist?

Blinkist is a professional book summary service that lets you understand the key ideas of the world’s best non-fiction books in 15 minutes or less. Its main features are the simplistic Blinkist reader, which makes it easy to read summaries, audio versions of most of your summaries, and highlights and shares what you learn.

With the Library as its home base, several discovery methods, and additional tools for technology users, such as syncing highlights with Evernote, and exporting summaries to Kindle, Blinkist offers a straightforward experience. Finding new summaries is a matter of seconds in the eyes, and the sound is nice with the web app. The price is cheap compared to other book summary services and from a comprehensive perspective.


You’re smarter in 15 minutes – get more information, do more, be bigger, and spend less time reading. We read him 1,000 books a year and distill his basic knowledge about the wonders of powerful and practical 15-minute minutes. Blinkist is the fastest way to make yourself brighter.
⦁ Learn the key ideas of the best nonfiction books in just 15 minutes each
⦁ Stay up-to-date with the best non-fiction ideas in business, careers, self-help, and more.
⦁ Take your learning offline, online and wherever you go – Blinkist is made for mobile devices
⦁ Listen to or read audio versions of our books
⦁ Conserve more and learn better – our format is scientifically designed for this

Search for a particular book

In the upper left corner of your library view, you will see a magnifying glass icon. Click on it and a search bar will appear. Enter a keyword, title or author name and it will update in real-time. Click on any result and you will see an expanded overview of the book. Does it look like this?
There is a bit more information than the preview in the library, such as a short summary, the author’s bio, and who best fits the book. If you click “Add to Library”, it will become part of your collection. Then the “Read Now” button will be activated so you can get started right away.
Browse any of the 27 Blinkist categories

Blinkist’s 27 book categories are:

⦁ Entrepreneurship and small businesses
⦁ Politics
⦁ Sales Marketing
⦁ Science
⦁ Health, fitness, and nutrition
⦁ Personal growth and self-improvement
⦁ Economic Sciences
⦁ History
⦁ Communication skills
⦁ Corporate culture
⦁ Management leadership
⦁ Motivation and inspiration
⦁ Money and investments
⦁ Psychology
⦁ Productivity and time management
⦁ Sex and relationships
⦁ Technology and future
⦁ Mindfulness and happiness
⦁ Breeding
⦁ Education
⦁ Creativity
⦁ Faith and spirituality
⦁ Biography and memoirs
⦁ Philosophy
⦁ Professional success
⦁ Nature and environment
⦁ Society and culture
If you click on any of them, you will see a collection of books on that topic. This is useful if you are looking for more information on a particular idea, but not on a particular book. You can quickly collect multiple titles by scrolling and hitting “Add to Library” for each book that interests you.

Key Blinkist Features – Reading Summaries

If you click on any title in your library, you will be wrong. Once uploaded, the entire set of blinks will be saved in your browser, which means that even if you log out now, you will still be able to read the full summary. The reading interface is clean and free of objects.

No matter how many blinks the book has, usually 5 to 15, they always follow the same structure:

⦁ It’s called “What’s in it for me?” At the first blink and helps you clarify whether the abstract is right for you.
⦁ Then follow all the blinks that cover the content of the book.
⦁ The last screenshot is called “Final Summary” and contains an essay as well as some practical advice.
On the left, you will see the option to return to your library, a table of contents that remembers what you have already read, and the option to adjust the size of the text. At the bottom of each slope, you will see arrows to go to the next or the previous one.

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