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What is Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship?

What is an Entrepreneur?

A businessman is a person who creates a new business, carrying most of the risks and enjoy most of the prizes. The process of creating a company gives the entrepreneurial spirit. The businessman is often seen as an innovator, a source of ideas, articles, new, and business / procedures.

Entrepreneurs play a fundamental role in any economy, using the skills and initiative needed to predict needs and provide new ideas to the market. Entrepreneurship showing that they are successful in creating the risks associated with the creation of ongoing benefits, reputation and opportunities. The entrepreneurial spirit does not lose and less prevalence in the markets of the interested parties.

Key Points:

Definition of Entrepreneurship

Enterprise is the process or activity, to start, develop, manage and operate the company, and all the risks involved, to obtain benefits. It is one of the four factors of production, the other to be land, work, and capital.

The characteristics of the Entrepreneurship

Main differences between entrepreneur and entrepreneurship

The difference between the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurship is discussed at the points indicated below:

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